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Would you like to improve your everyday appearance and wake up looking more youthful? Cosmetic tattooing is the art & science of implanting color into the skin and gives the illusion of color where we’ve lost it or never really had it. Fuller lips, thicker brows & a thicker lash line, can all bring back youthfulness. Because the color is placed “in” your skin & not “on” your skin, the results tend to be a softer, more natural look. A bold look is also optional, based on the look you’re going for. Kendra will discuss color, thickness, shape, etc. before drawing or implanting color.

Scar camouflage can be done on scars that have healed light in color or white – this can help blend the scar back to your natural flesh tone. Breast cancer patients who have lost the areola or color due to a surgical procedure, can be brought back to a natural appearance with cosmetic tattooing.

Kendra Crawford is a Licensed Aesthetician and a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Specialist, who’s been providing medical skin care & permanent cosmetic services to clients in the Lansing area since 2001.

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About Kendra

As a licensed Aesthetician, licensed Manicurist & Certified Permanent Cosmetic Specialist, Kendra Crawford has been in the beauty business for over 27 years. Since 2001, Kendra has worked as a Laser Technician & Aesthetician in both Plastic Surgery & Dermatology offices. She specializes in medical skin care & the art of tattooing makeup. When not at work, she enjoys crafting in her art studio and spending time with her husband, family & friends. Kendra has a huge love for dogs and her fur baby Willow, keeps her smiling everyday.❤

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